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Module 1: Business Overview

  • Section 1: Overview of the Advisor’s Business
  • Section 2: Internal Information and Access
  • Section 3: Business Resources
  • Section 4: Company-Specific Information

Module 2: Acquisition of Clients

  • Section 1: New Prospects
  • Section 2: Client Onboarding
  • Section 3: Time Management & Prioritization

Module 3: Maintenance of Clients

  • Section 1: Client and Policy Maintenance
  • Section 2: Regular Reporting
  • Section 3: Proactive “Get In Touch” Strategies
  1. Determine a training schedule with your assistant.
  2. Start building a video training library by recording all your meetings/training as you go.
  3. Conduct frequent check-ins with your assistant.
  4. You can either start with Module 1 or start with the module you feel you need help with the most.
  5. Join our monthly Ask Us Anything Zoom calls on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

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